Proactive Code COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Risk assessment for The Proactive Group, Hawthorne court, Howley Park Rd E, Morley, Leeds LS27 0FD


This risk assessment has been carried out in accordance to current Public Health England and Government advice for the re-opening of business on July 1st during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The risk of COVID-19 cannot be eliminated completely. The below has/will be done in accordance with the current COVID 19 secure guidance as pertaining to office and contact centre working environments.
• Deep cleaning of the office prior to employees returning to work.
• Increased frequency of handwashing and surface cleaning.
• Frequent cleaning of equipment.
• Removing all waste at the end of every day.
• The desks can be rearranged to be a minimum of 2 metres apart withing the office.
• The office itself will be strictly for those working for The Proactive Group Ltd.
• Individual hand sanitiser will be provided.
• PPE will be provided.
• If any worker develops a persistent cough, fever or loss of taste/smell they will be required to self-isolate according to current government advice.
• Employee arrival time will be staggered.
• Employee departure time will be staggered.
• Employees not to change offices during the day.
• Opening of windows and doors to encourage ventilation.
• Work spaces will not be shared.
• Floor tape to mark areas to help employees stay 2 metres apart.
• Use of remote tools for any external meetings.
• Work with other tenants to ensure regular cleaning of communal areas and entry/exit routes.
• Staggering break times.
• If employees need to leave the building during the day e.g. lunch break, social distancing should be adhered to in any external environment.
• In the event of a fire or accident employees do not have to stay 2 metres apart as this would be unsafe.
• Reviewing the above regularly to ensure measures are maintained.
• If an employee is confirmed to have Covid 19 cleaning will be carried out in accordance with the government guidance on cleaning in non healthcare environments.
• Hand washing/sanitising technique posters will be displayed.
• Ensure all employees understand Covid 19 safety procedures.